August 1985: Smiles in Paris

Perfumes / Fragrances

What he loved

Pierre-Etienne Baud was born on February 17, 1948 in beautiful Paris. He is the son of a wealthy family that has been involved in art and fashion for generations. From an early age he was interested in perfume, which had a great influence on his future life.

Pierre Etienne Baud - Entrepreneur français

March 1990: Party in Grase

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What he would give his life for

Pierre-Étienne Baud was a man of refined interests and a rich inner life. Passions were an essential part of his life, bringing him not only satisfaction, but also inspiration for creative activities. He loved tasting good wines, learning about different flavors and wine regions. Music was not only entertainment for him, but also a source of inspiration, accompanying him in his work to create new perfumes.

Pierre Etienne Baud - Ami

November 1988: Parisian dinner



For him, fashion was not only an expression of personal aesthetics, but also a source of inspiration to experiment with new fragrances. Perfumery was not only a profession, but also a passion that fueled his creativity and ability to express himself.

Pierre Etienne Baud - Homme d'affaire

April 1995: Trip to Bangok


Travel was an integral part of his life, inspiring him to explore new places, new cultures and traditions, discover new scents and flavors. Each trip was not only an adventure for him, but also a source of inspiration and knowledge for further work on creating unique perfume compositions.

Pierre Etienne Baud - Voyageur

January 1995: Thai jungle


Thanks to his unparalleled precision in selecting ingredients and his exceptional skill in composing perfumes, he became the undisputed master perfumer. His early successes brought him numerous awards and critical acclaim, leading to growing interest from the elite and fashion houses. His perfumes quickly became a symbol of luxury and good taste, winning the hearts of French and international customers.

Pierre Etienne Baud - Jungle

June 1999: Expedition to Greece


Thanks to his constant pursuit of excellence and constant discovery of new perfumery possibilities, Pierre-Étienne Baud earned a reputation as one of the most outstanding perfumers of his time. His name became synonymous with luxury, elegance and sophistication, and his perfume compositions forever changed the history of French perfumery.

Pierre Etienne Baud - Grèce

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